The Revamping of a Logo

Posted on Oct 15, 2013 in Design, Internship
The Revamping of a Logo

During my time as a Marketing & Strategy Intern for Warmilu, I revamped their logo & other visual branding, to look more professional, and to better communicate their message as a company.

A little background on Warmilu: they’re a startup commercializing nonelectric, instant, reusable, and reliable heat technology, with the original mission being solely focused on infant hypothermia around the world – explaining the baby in the logos below. Currently, they’ve expanded that market focus into hospitals, EMTs, and the heat therapy retail market, to further spread the warmth, and enable the company to be in a better position to subsidize the costs of infant warming blankets to NGOs in the developing world.

On to the logo:

1. The original



2. Surgery 1 – cleaner, and more professional


3. Surgery 2 – babies, babies, babies, with no ties to a certain place or ethnicity.

Baby logo mockups


3. Surgery 3  – I had arbitrarily chose green as the main color, but to get more data, expanded the number of color schemes to see which color spoke to people, and what that message was.


4. A little nip & tuck based on the feedback we got, and we decided that this would represent the social venture side of Warmilu (we split off the branding for the heat therapy/hospital/EMT markets).

website header

 And voila! A logo which is cleaner, more professional, and better conveys warmth and happiness.

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