Guatemala Days 6-9, May 10th-13th

Posted on Aug 10, 2013 in Guatemala, Photos, Travel
Guatemala Days 6-9, May 10th-13th

Day 6: We began our weekend in Cobán, and the shower with running water felt so good. We explored the markets, and found our favorite electronics store in all of Guatemala: “La Fuente”. It is a savior for our solar lights project.

Day 7: Our visits to La Fuente today were frequent enough that the mustachioed man behind the counter began to joke with us, and knew exactly what we would want. It was almost like Christmas, when we were building our solar light with all of our new supplies.

Day 8: Another day spent in the hostel (CasaLuna), swinging on the hammocks, tinkering away at our solar light.

Day 9: Recharged, we were back in Samox for a six-day stretch. Doña Olivia lent us her Q’eqchi’ book to aid us in our quest to know more than three words in the local Mayan language (and those words are Bantiox and Sa Nimá).



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