Guatemala Days 14-17, May 18th-21st

Posted on Aug 10, 2013 in Guatemala, Photos, Travel
Guatemala Days 14-17, May 18th-21st

Day 14: Our last day in Samox, and we spent it mostly with Doña Olivia’s family watching a four-town soccer tournament. And boy, do they take their soccer seriously.We said our reluctant goodbyes to our friends, and of course, posed for some necessary photos with our host family and our various excellent Samox tour guides.

Day 15: Back in Cobán, and appreciated the running water even more than the previous weekend. Six days was the longest I had ever gone without running water, electricity, and internet in my life. Triple whammy.

Day 16: We made our way back to Antigua via the most comfortable van we had been on the entire trip. We spotted a market on the way to our hostel, and went there to get our requisite souvenirs. I managed to haggle in Spanish.  I haggled. In Spanish. Top five trip achievements. Possibly top five life achievements.

Day 17: A drive, two flights, and I was home.

This little one, Cristian, was one of the comedic highlights – he can’t speak much Spanish, so he communicated with me by shouting my name. Over and over again. Never got old for him. (Note: I went by Teresa while I was there. Tracey was too difficult to pronounce.)

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