Guatemala Days 10-13, May 14th-17th

Posted on Aug 10, 2013 in Guatemala, Photos, Travel
Guatemala Days 10-13, May 14th-17th

Day 10: The students had fun sticking post-it notes on various body parts of their visiting teachers. Later in the day, we sat by the side of the main road, and the children taught us the names of body parts in Q’eqchi’. Quid pro quo.

Day 11: Red light, green light proved to be an immensely popular game. And we discovered the simple joy of chocobananas – frozen bananas on sticks, dipped in chocolate. We also began conducting our brief survey on candle usage and cost to put together an estimate of the potential positive and negative impact of solar lights.

Day 12: It was cultural day during the after school camp, and the kids learned some Bhangra and how to use chopsticks. They never really got the hang of them, but they did enjoy seeing my demonstrations. Doña Olivia barely believed that people would use two pieces of wood to eat food, and had me show her how I could eat with over and over again.

Day 13: Our last day for English lessons, we taught classroom objects. Probably some of the most difficult words we have taught them so far during this trip.


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