Guatemala – Days 4-5, May 8th-9th

Posted on Aug 10, 2013 in Guatemala, Photos, Travel
Guatemala – Days 4-5, May 8th-9th

Day 4: Second day of English and After school camps

The elementary students learned some key emotions in English, like happy, sad, tired, and angry, while we learned what it was like to slowly melt in a combination of constant direct sunlight and high humidity.



Day 5: Mother’s Day Celebration

In lieu of classes, the elementary school had their Mother’s Day festivities. Dances were performed, poetry was recited (shouted, really), and the school walls were littered with decorations professing love and admiration of mothers. These mothers and mothers of mothers sat in the audience, and were persuaded to participate through contests. They even roped us in to come up with an impromptu contest. We panicked, but we managed to come up with something adequately embarrassing for the competing mothers, and fun for the audience.

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